One: A Story of Love and Equality


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About One 

This is a film about compassion, empathy, and building bridges. This is a film about you. This is a film about me. This is a film about people.

A few years ago, my college organized a prom for the LGBT high school students in the neighboring conservative rural Ohio town.  We were met with dozens of angry protesters, all old enough to be these kids’ parents, screaming excerpts from the Bible, and declaring that we were all going to hell. While the few kids who weren’t scared away from the whole event stayed inside the building, a bunch of us went outside to confront the protesters. They were yelling their beliefs, and we were yelling ours right back at them. We called them ignorant. They called us sinners. We were all extremely heated, and the experience was cathartic.

These kinds of conversations happen every day. And nothing gets accomplished.

I realized that pontificating and hailing insults would never drive people to see where I was coming from; it would just drive us further and further apart.

Ultimately, it drove me to make this film.

Ever since then, I dreamed of one day making a documentary that approached the issue of gay rights from a different perspective: one of compassion, empathy, and relating as human beings.

Then, in the fall of 2011, when I heard about the proposed constitutional amendment in North Carolina, a place that is very politically divided and often considered a swing state,  I knew I had my film. I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project, and it was so heartening to find out how many other people, friends and strangers alike, wanted to see this film get made and see these conversations happen. Soon I found myself in the breathtaking mountains of North Carolina, reaching out to as many different people as I could, trying to get to know them as people and  find out where they’re coming from.

The original title of the film was Hear Our Stories, but after spending months talking people from all walks of life, who on the surface appear as though they could not be more different from one another, I realized something. Something that I was hoping to find all along: People are people. And we are all one.

- Becca Roth, Director

The film is currently in post production.

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One: A Story of Love and Equality – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Becca Roth on Vimeo.


The Team

Becca Roth207501_1804490195437_1998872506_n

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Becca Roth has been writing stories and screenplays since before she was old enough to type.

When she was little, she would pace back and forth in her family’s computer room while her
mom transcribed Becca’s excited spouting of The Wizard of Oz 2: Dorothy’s Roller-Blading
Adventure. (The film has yet to be produced.) Becca made her first short film, Kings and
Queens, at the age of seventeen, and has been writing and directing ever since.

She graduated from Kenyon College in 2010, where she studied film, drama, anthropology,
and finding four leaf clovers. After spending her first year out of college working for tips and
crewing on other people’s projects, she set out to make her first independent film. With her
tip money, she made Rain in Summer, a short film that went on to screen at nearly a dozen
film festivals nationwide, picking up several awards along the way.

She has just completed the feature-length documentary, One: A Story of Love
and Equality. She is extremely passionate about this project, and can’t wait to see where it
will go.

Becca lives in Brooklyn with her girlfriend and two mischievous kittens, Oliver and Twist
(both female).


Melina Marini



Late one November evening, Becca burst out of her bedroom and announced to Melina that she
wanted to make a documentary about an upcoming amendment vote in May 2012. Melina not
only encouraged her, but hopped on board as the project’s producer.

What transpired was an experience that Melina will cherish forever. Not only did she meet
incredible people, explore a beautiful state, and eat delicious barbecue, but she learned a great
deal about what both sides are truly fighting for, on a human and personal level. She hopes
this film will open the country to dialogue about marriage equality and to the humanity behind
this issue. She also hopes it will allow for conversations between marriage equality and traditional
marriage supporters, citizens and lawmakers, and red and blues states.

Melina Marini grew up in Trumbull, CT. She received her B.A. in Music at Mount Holyoke
College in 2008. In addition to film making, she is the music director of New York City’s own
Empire A Cappella.